Snowmobile safari for everyone

A 2-hour snowmobilesafari suitable for everyone.


The tour is for 2-hours. It's a perfect start where everyone has the opportunity to get to know the machines. After a few kilometers we turn up the mountain to take us up to the top. Along the way we stop at a cabin where you can buy something warm to drink or even a freshly baked waffle with cream and jam!

You can choose to book your own snowmobile or share with another adult or child (8-12 years).

B license required by the driver, must be brought on the tour.
Influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited in accordance with Swedish law.
In the event of an accident/injury: excess up to 10 000 SEK.

At least 3 snowmobiles per tour, if the number are not met your booking may be canceled for a full refund.



You find us in the Åre Village down by the lake.