Snowbike Course 2 hours

Experience the feeling of having full control when master the slope on a snowbike. A snow bike is like a bicycle with skis and assures a new dimension to the alpine experience. Up you go with the skilift.


Snowbike is a combination of biking and skiing and intended if you lack previous experience of alpine skiing or preferably go "black runs" you will get out the most out of the experience. We teach you the basics and you will quickly learn ride the snowbike. Perfect for those who want to experience the "alpine feeling" but do not want to go skiing, snowboarding or just want to try something new. With small skis on your feet, snowbiking gives you four points of support and because of that you have a much shorter learning curve than traditional skiing or snowboarding.


NOTE! The activity can take place in different locations. If in doubt, contact the organizer.