Rent your own SUP and paddle on a mountain lake

Try a different kind of adventure. Take your SUP board and paddle on a mountain lake.


Paddling SUP means that you are standing on a surfboard and paddle with a single-blade paddle. SUP is the fastest growing water sport in the world; it is a simple task that anyone can do. Paddling SUP gives great workout for your core, but is also a fun experience.

The SUP boards you rent is inflatable and packed into comfortable backpack which allows you to walk with them to get to a nice lake or pond. You will receive a pump so that you can quickly and effectively pump up the board really hard.

If it is cold in the water, it may be good to have a wetsuit; but usually, a pair of shorts, tank top and possibly a wind jacket can be a good outfit. If you were to fall off the board you may want to leave mobile phones and other water-sensitive items on land.