Meråker Mountain Challenge - trail running on the other side of the border!

Sign up for the half marathon, marathon and ultra mountain race August 6 - for those who want to run on the new paths and reach new peaks.


Beautiful mountain terrain with no crowds!

Meråker is located just beyond the border just a few kilometers from Storlien and 80 km from Åre. Here are 26 mountain peaks more than 1,000 meters above sea level - and stunning mountain terrain that few Swedes yet experienced. Meråker Mountain Challenge on August 6 gives you three distances to choose from - but regardless a beautiful and challenging race!

Ultra - 70 km

This is the ultra race that gives you 70 lovely, beautiful and sometimes tough kilometers to experience on August 6 2016. The trail takes you over nine peaks of thousand meters above sea level, the highest point at 1248 meters above sea level that you pass after 31 km.

You start in Guddingsvika where you traveled to by boat with the other participants - and finish in Teveltunet. 98% of the distance consists of mountain terrain.

Peaks you pass along the way:

After 6 km Hermannsnasen, 1036 masl
After 26 km Storsjøhøgda, 1045 masl
After 31 km: Kjølhaugen, 1248 masl
After 34 km Litjkjølhaugen, 1152 masl
After 36 km Rundfjellet, 1014 masl
After 41 km, Blåberga, 1094 masl
After 52 km Midtiklumpen, 1015 masl
After 54 km Kjerringfjellet, 1073 mas
After 58 km: Hood, 1017 masl

The maximum time to get to the goal is 40 hours. You must have passed 35 km in 24 hours. Starting at 7 am for those who want to hike. Starting at 9 am for those who want to run.

More information about the starting times, power stations, etc. will be sent to you after registration.

Mountain marathon - 42 195 meters

A marathon distance in mountain terrain from Sulåmo (410 masl) to Teveltunet. You pass six mountain peaks of more than a thousand meters above sea level along the path that is clearly marked. The first three kilometers are forest trail until you get to the same path as the ultra race.

The first mountain peak you run over is Litjkjølhaugen of 1152 meters above sea level, which also is the course's highest point that you pass after seven kilometers. Then the path goes over the following five mountain peaks: Rundfjellet (1014 masl), Blåberga (1094 masl), Midtiklumpen (1015 masl), Kjerringfjellet (1073 masl) and Hood (1017 masl).

The last two kilometers is on gravel road towards the finish in Teveltunet (450 masl).

No maximum time - everyone can join, even hikers! Start at 11 am.

Further information about the starting times, power stations, etc. will be sent to you after registration.

Half marathon - 21 km

A half-marathon in the mountains with start and finish in Teveltunet with the turning point at the mountain peak Huva at 1017 meters above sea level.

Start at 10 am.

Further information about power stations, etc. will be sent to you after registration.

Generous maximum time - you can sign up for the race, even if you plan to take it very easy.