Höglandet apartments

From the most popular apartments on Laxvägen 9, you have expansive views of the neighboring mountains and the lake Lofssjön down in the valley. Hiking and cross-country skiing center is nearby. It is possible to get to and from the lifts on skis.


Your accommodation is available from 3.00 pm on arrival day to 11.00 am on departure day. Please respect the departure time when the accommodation is to be inspected for the next arrival.

On departure your accommodation should be well cleaned, see cleaning instructions in the arrival envelope. Final cleaning can be ordered for a fee, on phone number +46 (0) 680-413 50, and must be booked in advance. Please note that the departure time is 9:00 am if you have ordered cleaning.

Note that consumables such as toilet paper and other items not included in the rent.

Service in Lofsdalen: The nearest bank is in Sveg (65km). The grocery store ICA Nära rsells pharmacy items and liquor. Healthcare: call +46 1177 where you can get advice from an experienced nurse. In acute illness call 112.


Via Sveg take road 84 west towards Röros. After 31 km turn left in the village Linsell towards Lofsdalen, then you have 35 km left on your trip.

Via Särna, take Road 70 towards Idre. After 19km turn right towards Tännäs, along road 311, then you have 65 km left on your trip.

Via Östersund take the E14/E45 south to Brunflo, turn right onto road 315, after Åsarna turn right onto road 316, after Vemdalen turn left onto road 84, drive 30 km, turn right in Linsell towards Lofsdalen, you then have 35 km left on your trip.

Key extradition takes place at the tourist office in the village, next to ICA Nära, from 3:00 pm on the day of arrival. If you arrive after closing, you will find your key with directions in the box marked "ANK" to the right of the Tourist Office entrance door.