Beer tasting at Parkvillan

Parkvillan in Åre has more local beer on draft than anywhere else in the village. Book a beer tasting to learn more about beer - or try the local supply.


Parkvillan is located in the middle of Åre village, and here one feels that beer is among the best there is. This means that the beer should be something you want to have two of; that is neither too heavy or too difficult. Beer is an experience and Parkvillan is the right place to enjoy a beer with the right atmosphere.

Besides picking a good beer from breweries both new and further away, Parkvillan also brews their own beer under the name Åre Ölfabrik (Åre Beer factory).

Book a beer tasting at Parkvillan; companion from 6 up to 16 people are welcome to Parkvillan where the group is offered beer knowledge, discussion and 5-6 kinds of beers.

Choose between two kinds of beer tasting. the "Beer school" is a beer-tasting session where you'll learn more about different kinds of beers and the background of the beer. At "Tasting of local beer" we taste beers from the local area.

The beer tastings takes 90-120 minutes and is suitable for all (over 18 years) regardless of previous knowledge of beer.

Note! At least 6 people per booking.