Åre Kafferosteri kabinbaren

Åre Kafferosteri has two coffee shops - One at Kabinbanan that is open during the winter season, and one café in the middle of Åre Torg.


In addition to specialty coffee, we serve cakes baked by organic and natural ingredients, also gluten and lactose free options.

It's amazing when you think that you can get one of the best coffee in the world. Per has made it it the eleventh place in the World Barista Championship and won in Sweden and Eva has won both Best Roast and Best Espresso in the World Roasters Cup. In addition, our raw coffee is of special coffee quality and then in the upper scale (we only buy specialty coffee that is cooked to over 85 p).

Åre Kafferosteri is a coffee shop with a focus on the coffee, but the food we serve serves the same quality as the specialty coffee shop. We also try to shop as much locally as we can and always choose to shop from smaller companies in front of multinational companies.