Booking Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to Destination Fjällen Sverige AB and the guest who, by themselves or through another agreement with Destination Fjällen Sverige AB as stated in the confirmation. The agreement may apply to accommodation, transport, activity, food, ticket, purchase of other products and services, or a combination of these.

Agent: Destination Fjällen Sverige AB hereinafter referred to as DF. Guest: The person who, on their own or through another party, entered an agreement with DF. Operator: The companies that produce the products and services that make up DF's offers. Booking place: The location, physical or online, where the guest's booking was made. Reseller: Third Party providing DF's offers.

The responsible agent is Destination Fjällen Sverige AB.
Phone: +46 20-24 24 25 
Org no: 556895-3540
Office: Sankt Olavs väg 37, 837 52 Åre

As the agent, DF is obliged to ensure that:
- Oral or written bookings are received.
- Confirmation of completed bookings are delivered to the guest via e-mail. DF is not liable for promises made by a supplier or their contact person to the guest, which is not stated in the booking confirmation.
- All significant changes concerning the guest's booking are confirmed via e-mail. For travel with regular means of transport, special conditions may apply. The booking site is obliged to make sure that the guest is aware of any special conditions at the time of their booking, that the guest receives the necessary travel documents and that the guest is informed of any significant changes concerning the guest's booking. If the products are booked with the reseller, it is the resellers obligation to ensure that the intermediary terms and payment procedures are followed by the guest.

If the costs for the booking per the order increases due to increased taxes, devaluation, governmental decisions or comparable circumstances, DF is entitled to charge price supplements corresponding to the cost increase. If DF wants to reserve itself for price increases for reasons other than those stated above, DF shall at the time of booking clearly inform that price changes may occur. DF shall immediately inform the guest if price changes occur. The reverse applies, i.e. repayment to a guest who is responsible for cost reduction, if the costs fall for the reasons stated above.

Per the Travel Guarantee Act, any company that markets or sells package tours must lodge a Travel Guarantee with Kammarkollegiet (The Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency). This has been done by DF, meaning that the company's customers have the rights and protection stated by the law when a guest books a package provided by DF.

To book and enter an agreement with DF, the guest must be at least 18 years of age. When booking, all parties must be at least 18 years of age, unless the trip takes place in the guardian's company and if no higher age limit is specified in the supplier's information.

When booking online, payment is made by bank account or credit card. The guest is directly charged a registration fee of 25% of the total amount of the booking. Final payment is made via payment link no later than 30 days before arrival. When booking by phone, payment is made by bank account or credit card via a payment link upon confirmation and a registration fee of 25% of the total amount of the booking is charged directly. Final payment is made via payment link no later than 30 days before arrival. If the payment deadline is exceeded, DF has the right to charge the target interest rate from the due date with the applicable reference rate with an addition of 8%. In cases where the guest is of legal authority and or represents a larger group booking, i.e. more than ten (10) persons, separate conditions are prearranged with the guest and in consultation/agreement with the supplier.

There is an additional fee of 200 SEK for telephone bookings.

When changing a reservation at the request of the guest, a fee of 200 SEK per booking and occasion is charged. Booking changes can only be made by telephone. Changes may include a change of name, date or product. Product refers to transport, accommodation, activity, food, ticket, purchase of other products and services, or a combination of these. Changes are made subject to availability. In cases where a change cannot be implemented, no change fee will be applied. If the guest chooses to cancel the booking (or part of the booking), the following cancellation costs apply unless otherwise agreed.

Cancellation fees as shown below
- 30 days or more before the agreed arrival date = 25% of the total cost of the booking
- 29-0 days before the agreed arrival date = 100% of the total cost of the booking
Charges for cancellation insurance, changes to invoices and booking fees are non-refundable. In cases where the customer is entitled to a refund in the event of a cancellation, this is paid out by the party who has received the payment.

Cancellation insurance
Can only be taken out at the time of booking. The cancellation protection applies to all named persons in the booking. Cancellation insurance covers deaths, illnesses or accidents of a serious nature that have affected yourself, spouse, common law, your parents, their parents, children, siblings or fellow travellers. Prevention must be substantiated by a doctor's certificate and must be immediately notified to DF. Certificates that arrive later than 7 days after the cancellation date are not applicable.

The customer is solely responsible for arranging adequate insurance coverage for the duration of their trip.

Both parties have the right to withdraw from the agreement in the event of an act of war, natural disaster, labour market conflict, prolonged shortage in water and/or energy supply, fire or other similar event that no party could have predicted or influenced. On these occasions, DF is obliged to inform and repay the total price as soon as possible, less the benefit the customer has previously received from the product/service.

DF has no responsibility for property that is stored in an accommodation or in premises linked to the order.

Any complaints must immediately be submitted to the organizer of the product/service and, if possible, in person. If the customer believes the problem has not been resolved within a reasonable period, then complaints shall be made via DF. In the event of a complaint during an ongoing trip, the supplier must be given reasonable time for action. E-mail:

In cases where the customer and DF do not reach an agreement, can the General Complaints Board be contacted. Destination Fjällen AB - - 

Below is the policy for processing personal data for Destination Fjällen. It applies to all personal data processed through the website and/or application "app" for mobiles and tablets provided by Destination Fjällen Sverige AB, org. no. 556895-3540 ("Destination Fjällen", "we", or "us"). Destination Fjällen is solely responsible for all personal data processing that we perform.

We realize that the decision to make your reservation online through us involves a great deal of trust on your part. We take this trust very seriously. Our top priority is to ensure that the personal data you provide is securely processed. Read this policy for more information about our security. By visiting our site and/or app, you agree to the practices described in this policy. If you do not accept the practices described in this policy, you should not use this site nor send us your personal information.

Information we collect from you
We receive and save the information you provide on our website or app. This includes information that can identify you directly or indirectly ("personal information"). This includes your first and last name, phone number, post and e-mail address, and billing information (such as credit card number, expiration date and cardholder's name). The information we request is required the following: book a hotel; book an activity; register as a member; participate in a survey, contest or draw; ask us a question; or initiate other transactions on our website or through our application.

When making a booking for someone else through this website or our app, we will ask for personal information of that individual. You must have permission from other individuals before giving us their personal information.

How we use your information
We use the sensitive billing information you provide on our website or through our app to complete your bookings for hotels and activities. We use other information about you for the following purposes: to offer you products and services you request, to provide you with confirmation of hotel and activity bookings and updates and to manage your account, for example processing of invoices and travel messages. We do this to fulfil our agreements with you.

We also use your personal information to communicate with you; to answer your questions and comments; to measure interest in and improve our products, services, web pages and our app; to notify you of special offers and products or services that you may be interested in; to otherwise tailor your experience on this website or our app; to ask for information from you. We use it through surveys; to resolve disputes, collect fees or solve problems; to prevent potentially prohibited or illegal activities; to enforce our terms of use; to use the information in all other ways described to you at the time of collection. We conduct this treatment for our legitimate interest in maintaining and improving the customer relationship with you, and evaluating, adapting and improving your user experience of our services, products, webpage and app.

Communication via e-mail. We want to make it easy for you to access travel-related opportunities on our website and through our app. One way to do this is by sending e-mail messages to you that contains information about related interests regarding your hotel if you agreed to receive marketing communications by e-mail. You may unregister yourself from our mail list through a link in the message sent to you.

Your information may also be shared for our following legitimate interests:

In response to lawsuits, court decisions or other legal actions; to establish or exercise our legal right; in defence of the law; or otherwise by law. In such cases, we reserve the right to make or waive our right to legal objection or right to which we have access.

When we find it appropriate to investigate, prevent or act on illegal or suspected illegal activities; to protect and defend the rights, property or security of our company, this website, our app, our customers or others; and about our general terms and conditions and other agreements.

If we believe it is necessary to prevent or reduce a serious or immediate threat to someone's life or health.

In connection with business transfers, such as settlement, bankruptcy, merger, consolidation or sale of assets.

Who can access the information
Your information may be shared with the following:

Operators of the hotels and activities providing your bookings. All services provided by a third party are described as above. These Operators can also contact you if necessary to obtain additional information about you, to simplify your travel booking or answer question.

Third-party operators who offer services or functions on our behalf, such as credit card processing, business analysis, customer service, marketing, distribution of surveys or competitions, and fraud prevention. We may also allow third-party operators to collect information on our behalf, for example, for functions necessary for our website or app to work or to facilitate the performance of online advertising tailored to your interests.

Forwarding web pages If you accessed this site from another site (for example, through a link that you clicked on in another page then sent you here), we may share your information with the forwarding page. We encourage you to review the privacy agreement on any web site that led you here.

In cases, other than those listed above, you will be informed when your personal information will be shared with third parties and you will be able to choose not to have your information shared.

How you can access your information
By giving your personal information to us through our website or our app, you agree that we can process your information to fulfil our legitimate business objectives and to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations. Contact us for more information on how we process your information and/or to access, delete or modify your information by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address below.

How we protect your information
We want you to feel safe when you book your accommodation and/or activity through us and we work hard to protect the information we collect. We have therefore taken appropriate administrative, technical and physical security measures to protect the personal information you provide us. For example, only employees with specific access rights have access to your personal information and they are only allowed to use them for specific purposes. In addition, we encrypt the transfer of your sensitive personal information between your and our system and we use firewalls to help prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your information.

Cookies and other technologies
Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer or mobile phone when you visit nearly every website. Cookies do not recognize you personally and do not harm your computer or mobile phone. They are used by websites you visit to improve your experience with our website. They are used to provide us with analytical information to help us improve our website and to collect information about destinations that may be of interest to you, so that you only see ads for travel which are more relevant to you.

For example, we use cookies on our website to enable you to log in without having to enter your user name every time. Other cookies help us understand what you were interested in and what you were not interested in on our website, so that we can optimize your experience the next time you visit us. We and our partners also use cookies on our website to measure the effectiveness of our advertising and how our visitors use the site.

If you have any questions about how we use cookies or other technologies, please contact us by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address below.

Changes to this Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy may be updated in the future. You will be notified of material changes to this Privacy Policy through a message to the e-mail address you’ve provided or by placing a clear notice on our website and/or through our app.

How to Contact Us
If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or wish to file a complaint, please contact us by e-mail or post.

Contact information:
Tel: 020-24 24 25
Address: St Olavs väg 37, 837 52 Åre